Go Green and Save With Professional Travel Center

Energy Saving Washer & Dryer

So you’ve got your exclusive membership to Professional Travel Center and you’re looking for more ways to save money while upgrading your home’s appliances. One wonderful way you can save is by “going green” and buying an energy efficient washer & dryer combo. Factors leading to savings on your monthly bill result from reduced water consumption, reduced energy usage, and less detergent required to complete a wash cycle.

As a member, you can select one of these top Energy Star compliant companies offered by Professional Travel Center:

- Kohler
- Whirlpool
- Kenmore
- Maytag

After purchasing your discounted appliances through our program, here are a few more tips to use reduce energy usage and pollution with your new washer & dryer.

1. Always make sure the washer’s load is full. Washing numerous smaller loads wastes much energy.

2. Use “eco-friendly” detergent. These use less harmful chemicals and can actually improve the life of your clothes.

3. By using “high” or “extended” spin options, your clothes can start drying before you even put your clothes in the dryer.

4. Most modern dryers have a moisture sensor option. Utilize this to prevent your dryer from running excessively and wasting energy.

We will be glad to assist you when you are ready to upgrade your appliances. If you have any questions, our friendly customer service staff is standing by ready to assist you.

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