Hector M.

My wife and me were very skeptical from the moment I signed in.  It was too good to be truth. I started to request prices from Big Screen HDTV, to Bose ceiling speakers for my new home, and in those 2 items alone, I was saving $299.00 for the TV, and $69.00 for the speakers in comparison with Best Buy lowest price, same brand and model.Looking for specific product or merchandise, it was exactly what I was looking for.

For the travel arrangements, they were able to book me and my wife with 2 Round Trip ticket to England for $1,029.00.Booking experience was very quick and easy. Trouble free. Service department personnel was very helpful, asked few questions to ensure the accuracy of my order.  I received my final price via email in about 35 minutes. The service department was great, very helpful, courteous, and friendly.

Now that I know the kind of money I can save any time I shop for electronics, appliances, and even travel tickets, I think my family and friends should know about this program.

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