Janet B.

I told my fiance that I doubted seriously that the price we had gotten on the honeymoon cruise that I had already booked through another travel agency could be beaten by more than a few dollars…after all, I had been a travel agent for 14 years here in Houston, and had booked this particular cruise with plenty of information.  Boy was I wrong…they beat my price by about $1400.00 dollars!In a matter of a 5 minutes or less, they came back with a price on the EXACT cruise that we had requested.  How was my booking/ordering experience?  I called the travel agency, booked the cruise through a very courteous and helpful agent, and got a couple of questions answered with my first call.  Again, having been a travel agent, this was very important and impressive to me.Would I recommend Professional Travel Center to my friends and family?  Of Course I would (and already have)…this was a very pleasant experience.
Janet B.
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